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Using Smarthome design we can make your home, entertainment area and even your business venues SAFER and EASIER to use while at the same time REDUCING energy costs. You can even PERSONALIZE every aspect of how you use and monitor your spaces.


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Hive’s mission is to create high quality integrated residential and commercial entertainment and security systems, with a focus on simplicity, that results in an enhanced and secured lifestyle for our clients.
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Effortless Control of Your Home or Business Security
Hive provides the Tampa Bay Area custom smart solutions to enhance your safety, energy efficiency, and entertainment.

We specialize in personalizing your home security or business security with the latest safety and home automation technology. From home security to all-in-one home theater entertainment, we’ll cater to your unique needs – making home life and the workplace easier to manage.


We take home automation to the next level with leading technology for your entire home.

The best smart home technologies Tampa FL has to offer make almost anything possible, even turning on the coffee maker before you get out of bed. Freshly brewed coffee, convenience, and ease-of-use are some of the most common perks of home automation. But what are benefits most of us don’t know about?

Ensure a Family-Friendly Home

An automated home can be a boon to parents. You can control responses and purchases on smart devices, like the Amazon Echo, enforce bedtime and lights out from the living room, and integrate security cameras in nurseries. You can even install baby monitors with the latest technologies, like breathing monitors and high definition (HD) night vision, all manageable through a central mobile app.

What are the best smart home technologies in Tampa FL specifically for parents? Talk to a representative at Hive for more information!

Cater Your Entertainment

Modern families enjoy all types of media on all kinds of devices. At Hive, we have the technologies to master it all. 40 percent of respondents to a recent survey said that their homes had too many devices, and no simple way to control them all. Our systems are extremely user-friendly with many advantages and potential uses to explore.

Let’s start with the center of many living rooms across America: the TV. Netflix users alone stream 1 billion hours of movies, documentaries, and TV shows per week. Hive home theater systems can help you pick out what to watch, find particular programs among multiple streaming services, and set time limitations on children’s screen use.

Music is another focal point in many homes. With Hive, you can connect speakers throughout your home to play the music your family loves. For those hosting a potluck, inviting friends over for a BBQ, or having family over for the holidays, smart systems can help you put together the perfect playlist on your preferred music service for all occasions.

Track Your Habits

Just about all of us are familiar with Apple’s weekly notifications about screentime and smartphone use. Imagine if your house could deliver similar stats, reporting average thermostat temperatures, how often you watch TV, and just how long you left the lights on. You don’t have to imagine it in 2020. You can make it happen!

With the latest smart home technologies, it is very possible to track all of this information. When you have easy access to these numbers, you’ll be able to realize costly habits, such as how often you use the lights in and around your house. You can then use that knowledge to eliminate any unnecessary or accidental use and enjoy the savings on your next electricity bill.

Ready to enhance your home or business with top-of-the-line electronic automation, but don’t know where to start? Browse our idea gallery below and find inspiration in our past work! Want to combine the lighting options you see one in job with a security feature you see in another? Then let us know! We’ll work with you to customize a system that revolves around YOUR needs.

Find out what is possible. Contact Hive for a quote, estimate, or brain-picking session today.


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